Al Kalemat English Arabic Dictionary 11: Al-Kalemat Interactive English Arabic Dictionary and Thesaurus

Al Kalemat English Arabic Dictionary 11

Al-Kalemat Interactive English Arabic Dictionary is a unique and very powerful tool that will enable you to search for any Arabic or English word `s meaning immediately without the burden of getting its original word stem as required by almost all other types of dictionaries. Through its two types of interfaces, you will be able to get the exact word meaning, its derivatives` meanings as well as its synonyms and usages in common phrases.

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Baby Names 1.0: Baby Names - Software with a searchable database of over 21,000 baby names

Baby Names 1.0

Baby Names is a software which contains a database of over 21,000 baby names with meanings from over 70 origin categories. The database can be searched by Name, Meaning, Origin and Sex. A Name search can be made with options set to find an exact match, or to search for names beginning with specific letters, ending with specific letters, or containing certain letters. Favorite names can be added to a Favorites database.

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GlobalSpellChecker 1.1: Global spell checker and dictionary which can be invoked from any application.

GlobalSpellChecker 1.1

GlobalSpellChecker is a tool for checking spelling or meaning of words from any application using Microsoft Word.It displays the meaning or spelling suggestion in a non-disturbing way so that you do not have to shift from the application you are working. When spelling suggestions are displayed, copy any suggestion to clipboard by pressing it`s corresponding number. Display time of spelling suggestions and meanings is configurable.

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Cute Baby Name 1.0: Contains about 30000 baby names, name meanings and origins,boy and girl names

Cute Baby Name 1.0

It contains about 30000 baby names, name meanings and origins. You can browse boy names, girl names and select favorite baby names which meaning and origin copied to special folder. Cute Baby Names stores favorite names to your hard drive and remembers it when the running next time. This software helps you to choose best name for your baby.

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optName 2.0.1: Origin, historical meaning and a numerological analysis of a first name

optName 2.0.1

optName e-Directory will enable you to take a new look at the meanings behind the names of your friends and relatives, as well as your own. The program will help you to make a conscious and well thought-out choice of a name for the baby you are expecting. With this program you will be able to find out origin, historical meaning and numerology reading of a name.

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Mentext 1.0

Mentext is an AI technology for working with plain English text, aimed primarily at developers and supplied as a software component. Using Mentext`s natural language processing capabilities, developers can enable their software to identify meaning or information conveyed in text, regardless of the words used. Typical applications include searching for documents about a given topic, identifying the meaning of emails and comparing pieces of text.

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Word Search 1.4.0: Search for the word with a given meaning.

Word Search 1.4.0

In this game you need to search for a word that matches a given meaning. The word will appear in a large grid of letters, and can orient in all different directions such as from left to right, from bottom to top, from bottom right to top left, etc. If you cannot figure out the word from the meaning you can also press a hint button to get the word, but your score will be deducted.

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ASC Free English to English & Urdu Dictionary 1.0: ASC Free English to English & Urdu Dictionary is useful dictionary software

ASC Free English to English & Urdu Dictionary 1.0

ASC Free English to English & Urdu Dictionary is useful dictionary software with almost all the current words. More than 37,000 English words are stored in this language translator software. You can find meaning of available English word in both English & Urdu Languages. The main purpose of creating the dictionary is to help the researchers, teachers and students who need a dictionary very frequently.

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Cleantouch English to Urdu Dictionary 7.0 7.0: Cleantouch English to Urdu Dictionary 7.0

Cleantouch English to Urdu Dictionary 7.0 7.0

meaning. Both 70,000+ English to Urdu and 80,000+ Urdu to English meanings have been presented in a simple language and straightforward style so that even the average reader encounters no difficulty in understanding the right meanings. It’s a unique dictionary based on latest Unicode technology, developed using power of Microsoft .NET platform. It has a simple and user friendly interface. It supports wildcard search & all the keyboard accessibility

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Word Scramble 1.4.0: Rearrange letters into meaningful words.

Word Scramble 1.4.0

This is a classic word scramble game. In this game you will be given a set of scrambled letters, and you are required to rearrange them into a meaningful word. If you are stuck, you can click the hints button to get the meaning of the word.

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